Web development with WordPress

If you are a small to medium business in the Western Colorado area, developing your business site through Homespun Web might be just the right choice for you.

Developed by Phil Ward, Homespun Web has been working with Word Press sites for almost ten years.
Stripping down the cost of web site development

Homespun Web concentrates on —

  • web development site for small and medium for-profit  businesses
  • Web development for non-profit web sites.
  • Special photography and image making for your products, staff and branding
  • Use of WordPress, a powerful template web script to lower your cost but..
  • Use of customization in  themes and templates to help your site function your way  and…
  • Integrated planning to help YOU develop the content that will help your clients understand and use your services.
  • Addition functionality through a wide range of plug ins (apps)

We work with web hosting plans that emphasize small web hosting platforms with Cpanel/Soft delicious scripts to launch a variety of plug in software.

We also  work to place as much control of your site into your hands to you can save time, save money and ensure accuracy of content.

Prices to set up a basic WordPress site start at $200 plus the cost of the web hosting plan. Training, content development and functional research for plug ins start at $75 per hour for up to four persons.

For more information, contact Phil at Homespun Web

a Wordpress development site in Western Colorado for small businesses and non profits